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Rear Projection Film, Anti Glare Film, Application Kits, & More.

pro light rear projection film

Pro Light Rear Projection Film

Pro light rear projection film is an ultra bright rear projection film, so it can be used with lower lumen projectors. Pro light rear projection film is generally used in light controlled environments, and requires no specific projection angle. 

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pro dark rear projection film

Pro Dark Rear Projection Film

Pro dark rear projection film is a high contrast projection film; Pro dark rear projection film can be used in any setting for high quality HD projected images. Pro dark projection films is the go to film of our projection film lines.

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pro clear rear projection film

Pro Clear Rear Projection Film 

Pro clear rear projection film is a transparent or holographic projection film. Pro clear rear projection film can be used on glass and acrylic to give you a floating image effect and is best used in controlled lighting conditions.

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pro dark rear projection film

Pro Black Rear Projection Film

Pro black rear projection films is an ultra high contrast rear projection material, not only are viewing angles are not affected by this added contrast but we also have higher ambient light rejection from the front and rear of the film. Pro Black rear projection film is the highest quality rear projection film available having the widest viewing angle, highest contrast and light rejecting technolgy in a rear projection film.

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anti glare rear projection film

Anti Glare Film

Anti Glare Film is placed on the outside or opposite side of the glass or acrylic than your rear projection film. Anti Glare Film reduces glare and reflection from the front side surface of your display, increasing brightness, widening viewing angles and giving your viewing audience a brighter and more even viewing experience. Anti Glare film is the perfect addition to a rear projection film display.

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